Monday, July 15, 2013

My Rebel force for the X-Wing Miniatures game: Renegade Squadron

Just as I have done with my 181st Fighter Wing on the Imperial side, I've chosen a designated unit to play as on the Rebel side in X-Wing miniatures. (Though I honestly have yet to pilot any rebel ships because I'm such a die-hard Imperial!)  For my Rebels, I went with the Renegade Squadron, and just as how I'll need to modify my TIE Interceptors (when I can finally find some!) to fit into the 181st story, I had to modify my Rebel fleet as well!

So, why Renegade Squadron?  It started out as a desire for my X-Wings to stand out from the rest while on the table.  I know Renegade Squadron was first introduced in the Battlefront video games, but for me, the choice was heavily by the Star Wars LCG.  In fact, I used several of the cards to figure out how to place the markings on my ships.  The story behind them was pretty cool as well.  Basically a unit full of smugglers and rogues, gathered by Han Solo, to offset the Rebel Alliance's lack of true veterans after the battle for Yavin.  It only took some slight work to get them to the state you currently see, but I'm happy with the results.  I'll still be adding to the squad in the future, including a Millennium Falcon which should be arriving any day now!  I've got a big 4-player game coming up, so who knows, maybe Renegade Squadron will be making its debut during that game... even if I'm not the one actually flying them! =P

There's something just cool about modifying your ships to represent a specific unit, or even just to have a personalized fleet on the table.  If you play X-Wing, and have the means to do so, I suggest giving it some thought.  It really helps you connect with the game in a different way and only enhances your enjoyment.

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