Monday, January 4, 2016

This Geek's Week... (first of the year!)

- Worked a bit on my FoW Italians.  I've really come to the conclusion that I dislike painting 15mm infantry, but they are literally the last of my models left unpainted.  (And I'm trying best to avoid buying any more models until they are done!)

- I picked up a display case from Ikea for my painted miniatures.  After running out of useable foam for My battlefoam case, I decided I should be displaying them all anyway, and just packing whatever minis I may need for a given game...

Video Games:
- Played a bunch of Halo 5.  Finished the solo campaign.  I started playing warzone, and despite having some positive initial games, it ended up being a bit frustrating.  Same goes for the big team battles. I think that I dislike the vehicles and unranked matches as a whole.  I'm really enjoying Team Arena and Free-for-all, where I can hold my own vs people of similar skill level.  Gold/Silver ranks respectively.
(Gamer ID: WuhSawBe)

- Played some more "Adventures of Bulbasaur & Mudkip" aka Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon.

- started reading Halo: Last Light.


  1. PLanning on investing in an Ikea case myself rather soon.

    Your italians, Early, Mid or Late War?

    1. They are Blackshirts, initially built around the Midwar invasion of Sicily/Italy, with the intention of being able to go Early war Greek invasion one day...