Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Poll, because being indecisive kinda stinks!

Over on the right hand side, I started up a new poll to try and help me decide what to work on after my Flames of War stuff is completed.  Really briefly, I'll explain a little about my plans for each of these, and the goal is to hopefully get me out of this "gamer funk" that always seems to happen at the start of the new year, get the ball rolling once more on the hobby and gaming side of things, and just hopefully allow me to get in more games!  For this, I need YOUR HELP!  (I'm being way too indecisive)  Feel free to chime in, and please, please, PLEASE, spread the word!  The more votes, the better!

Below are my initial thoughts/plans:

My terrain department, while slowly growing, is still a bit so-so.  The lack of *good* terrain can definitely with games like Frostgrave.  As with a lot of what I've done in the past, my overall goal for terrain is that is looks good, able to serve in multiple games/genres, and/or is cheap.  The more of those that get checked off the list, the better!  Right now, I'm looking at Plast Craft terrain pieces.  I've checked out some reviews online, and would like to give a piece or two a try myself!  I'm looking at either their Fantasy range, or the Infinity range I have pictured.  I'm hoping, with the right paint scheme/pallet of greys and a few other colors, that I should be able to use them for Frostgrave or other Sci-fi ranges as well.  (High-tech/High-magic look)  I may also top it off with one of Frontline Gaming and Tablewar's F.A.T. Mats, just to complete the package.  (Again, with multiple game use in mind!)  Plast craft also does a line of 15-20mm WWII stuff, as well as some nice medieval buildings I could use for saga!

As I'm sure you can tell from reading my blog recently, I've become a bit Halo obsessed.  I'm playing Halo a TON, reading the novels, etc, etc.  Naturally, this game is on my radar.  I'd love to collect an entire fleet of ships for my display case, and to pick up some of the big ships to sit on top of it as well!  Pretty sure, I could convince my daughter to play with me, so there are some guaranteed games of it, as well as just for the collector's value.  I've also seen some info floating around for a 15mm Halo Ground Forces game by Spartan Games, which as also piqued my interest and my halo obsession as well.  Let's be honest, I kinda stink at Halo 5, maybe a Halo tabletop game is just what I need to drag me away from the xbox, and stop me cursing at the screen!

This has been on my radar to try since it had first came out, though I've never taken the plunge.  I kind of like some of the Yu Jing faction's models, as I think I could easily convert them into Halo Spartans.  (Did I mention I was Halo obsessed???)  Taking it a step further, and another cue from Halo, I had an idea to help minimize my costs, while maximizing my collection in the form of doing just a single faction as "Red vs Blue".  Easy concept:  Collect just a single faction's models, paint 1/2 of the models red and the other 1/2 blue.  For Smaller games (prolly vs my daughter again) I'd do a Red vs Blue match, but for a larger game against someone with their own stuff, I'd just combine the two halves.  Regardless, it's almost worth picking up just a single model to paint up as my spartan in Halo 5 for the display case...

Say what you want about the game, but I personally have been enjoying it!  There are a number of benefits to picking up a 2nd starter.  First off, it is pretty cheap.  Online, they are in the $70-$80 range, so $35-$40 per half.  For that price, I'd double the number of Khorne models in my collection, as well as the fact that my daughter really wants to Stormcast side.  So, once more... guaranteed games!  There's also the chance that the buddy that I split the initial starter set with will finish up his stormcast, so there is the *chance* for games outside of just playing against my daughter as well...

Also on my "To Do" list is another Saga force, more than likely a Pagan/Princes Rus one.  My initial goal when starting Saga, was to be able to recreate some of the Baltic Crusades, and it still is.  Gaming wise, saga has become kind of "rocky" as of late, games are harder to come by, I've been struggling with Knights gameplay wise as it is, and really I've just been a little unmotivated to play saga as a whole lately.  Fireforge is (hopefully soon) coming out with some fantastic looking Rus models, which would really help get me excited to continue my saga plans.  It is also one of those things where I could possibly get one of the other projects above done and THEN move onto this one.  All that said as well, a 2nd army would give me the option to see if I can convince new players to give the game a go as well...

There you have it, those are some of my initial ideas for projects to kick off the new year!  I'm finishing up the last FoW platoon now, and hopefully will be ready to move onto a new project shortly.  The poll will be up and running for only a few months, so please spread the word, and help me decide my next gaming project!

Help me fellow Nerds & Ninjas, you're my only hope!


  1. Terrain #1
    Rus #2

    Bollocks to the rest. :)

    1. I decided the best bet would be to just order a single plast craft terrain piece to put together and review before committing to a whole table's worth of it.

      ... I needed a large, medieval house for saga anyway, so hopefully it should be here in the next week or so.