Sunday, January 10, 2016

This Geek's Week...

HQ and 1st Platoon of my Italian Blackshirts...

**A bit lite on the geek stuff this week...

Quick & dirty!  Finished in about 2 night's worth of work...
- Managed to finish up both Platoons and the HQs for my FoW Italians.  Thus finishing up all  every single model I own.  I've done it, I've painted EVERYTHING!

- Ordered one of the Plast Craft Medieval Buildings to check em out.  If I like it, I'll be ordering a bunch more, as per the poll on the right!  (Figured I should go the safe route and check out a single piece before diving all in!)

- Picked up a new set of brushes.

Video Games:
- Played a ton more of Halo 5's multiplayer.
(Xbox Gamer ID: WuhSawBe)

- Watched the Winterfox vs Optic Halo CS qualifier match.
Still plenty of time to vote on my next project.  Right now, it is looking like a majority think I should work on filling out my gaming table as opposed to buying more models!  Let me know what YOU think!


  1. Congrats on a fully painted army!!! Been yonks since I've been able to claim that laurel.

    Shame yer so far away, my 8th army Motor Company would make for good historical opponents!

    1. Oh it's not just a fully painted army... I've literally painted every model I own! I have zero models left to paint at all, my painting desk is completely empty.

      Still trying to figure out what to do next, though that terrain piece is schedule to arrive later this week.

    2. O no! Quick! Buy something! Everyone knows that when we have nothing left to paint, the world ENDS!!!!!

    3. I did, my Plast craft house... And I just finished it. Uh oh! Thankfully I also bought a bunch of other stuff that should hopefully arrive soon! =)