Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2015 End of the Year Gaming Report...

2015 is now officially at an end, and one of the fun things I like to do is look back and see just what all I had accomplished in the year.  Last year, I kept track of all the books I read, something which I forgot to do, BUT something I want to do once more in 2016.

Up first, let's take a look at the top 5 played games of 2015:

Pokemon TCG - 189 games 
Pathfinder ACG - 19 games
Saga - 15 games 
Krosmaster - 6 games 
Boss Monster  - 5 games

A grand total of 298 games played...

There were several games throughout the year that only saw 1 or 2 plays, which is why Boss Monster with only 5 plays total was still enough to make the top 5 most played.

  I'm not shocked that the Pokemon TCG made the list.  Games are super quick, and when you have a 5 year old that wants to play several games of it in a single session, it's no surprise that over 1/2 of my total games were of Pokemon!  The same goes for Krosmaster Arena, another game that both my daughter and I enjoyed playing periodically.

With Pathfinder, I'd get into spurts of wanting to play it, and I'd run through several missions in the span of week.  The issue I'd run into is that after my character would end up dying, it would take me some time before I would be ready to give it another go with a new character.

No surprise with SAGA having such a high number, despite starting it partway through the year.  Really, Saga has been the only miniature game that I've been able to consistently play for awhile now.  Sadly, it has recently gotten a little inconsistent.

My favorite game of 2015?
That would have to be Kingdom Death Monster!  It still remains a game that is pretty EPIC on many different levels.  It was also one of my newest games, having received it only a few months ago.  I've only had a can ace to play it a handful of times though, for a couple of various reasons.  Mainly the sheer bulk of the game, but also the amount of time involved in playing a season.

In addition to how many games I played, I also kept a record of all the models I painted throughout the year.  Here's what all I managed to finish up in 2015...

- Warlord
- Mounted Priest
- 2x Bannermen
- 20x Mounted Knights
- 8x Crosbowmen
- 16x Foot Soldiers

Flames of War:
- 4x US Shermans
- 2x German Pak 40's
- German HQ (2 stands)
- 2x Grenadier Platoons (14 stands)
- 2x Semovente 90/53 + Carriers

- Battle Lance (4 mechs)

- 4x Survivors
- White Lion
- Screaming Antelope
- The Butcher
- The Watcher
- The King's Man
- The Hand
- The Phoenix

- 6x Treasure Tokens
- 6x Living Statues
- Goblin Warband (10 models)
- 4x Portal Scenario Pieces
- Fountain Scenario Piece

Age of Sigmar:
- Khorgorath
- Khorne Lord
- Bloodstoker
- Bloodsecrator
- 5x Blood Warriors
- 20x Bloodreavers

For a grand total of 145 models painted this year.

Favorite model to paint?
I really think I'd have to say that the Khorne Lord barely beats out the Khorgorath as far as what my favorite model to paint was.  He's just a cool model in general, and was a real pleasure to paint!  I'm pretty pleased with how he turned out...

Plans for 2016?
None!  Or I should say, I'm not sure what my plans are for the next year.  Tabletop gaming is kind of in a flux right now, as I've been struggling to get in games.  I used to do a lot of solo gaming in my Nerd Lair/Man Cave, but since buying an Xbox, and converting my Nerd Lair into a home gym, it seems I'm content to pick up a controller instead of set up a table and roll some dice.  There are a few tabletop games that call to me, but I'm still a bit reluctant to invest in something that I may not ever use.  Maybe if my schedule frees up, and I can start going back to getting in regular games, but right now, I'm still on the fence as to what comes next...

So, there ya go!  2015 has come and gone.  2016 really feels like a blank slate with no real hobby plans in the works.  We shall see what this year has in store...

As always, thanks again to all my regular readers, followers, and commenters for all of your continued support, each and every year!

- WuhSawBe -


  1. Told ya, video games kill hobby motivation. :P

    Very nice amount of work done though mate. Maybe 2016 you'll find more time than you first anticipated for painting!

    1. It's really only the solo gaming that it had killed, and that's due to the "instant gratification" aspect of video games. I can spend 15 minutes or more setting up a game that can take 1-2 hours to play, or I can boot up the Xbox in mere moments, and hop in/out on a whim.

      A lot the reason too for dragging my feet painting at the Moment is simply because those no current "end game" for a painting accomplishment. With no games planned, or in the works, I've got no painting goals. I'm literally painting just to shove in em in the case.

      My real hope is that I can get more tabletop games in vs actual opponents during 2016...

    2. I just realized too, with the exception of SAGA, 99% of all my gaming has been with my daughter. Which, while it is awesome I get to share gaming with her, I think it does point out that I need to "get out" a bit more, gaming wise...

    3. Yeah, a BIG difference between adult gaming and offsrping gaming. :)