Monday, January 18, 2016

This Geek's Week...

- Picked up a set of woodland scenics trees.

- My Plast Craft Medieval Building arrived, and was quickly assembled and painted as you probably already saw.

- My follow up order of a bunch of Plast Craft infinity terrain arrived.  So far, I've assembled 2 of the 6 boxes...

- I picked up a few random infinity figures, and I have started to work on them.

Board/Card Games:
- Played a family game of Rampage.  (First tabletop game of 2016)

Video Games:
- Played a bunch of Halo 5.  Managed a 1st place win in Gold Ranked FFA.  I also think I'm really liking Warzone Assault as well.
(ID: WuhSawBe)

- Played a bit of Disney Infinity with my daughter...

- Watched more of the Halo Championships.  I mostly follow the player known as" Ninja", and those were some intense games!
Until Next time,


  1. Looking forward to seeing those buildings put together!

    1. Thanks! They are definitely coming along, but it is a slow process. As of writing this, I'm down to just the final two boxes. My plan is to assemble everything first followed by painting everything. Of course, I'll do a big post once everything is fully completed. =)