Monday, December 28, 2015

This Geek's Week(s)...

The last of my AOS stuff is done...

** Due tot he holidays and such, I just realized this is closer to 2 weeks worth of stuff!

"Drinking Horn of Blood"
- SUCCESS!  I busted my butt, rushed a bit, but I managed to finish up all 20 Bloodreavers before the end of the year.  Which means, I officially finished up my Khorne 1/2 of the AOS starter...

Tabletop Games:
- Played a game of 40k with my daughter using the AoS rules.  It was pretty enjoyable, and worked really well!

- Played a game of Star Trek Attack Wing with my daughter.

- Played a 30 wound game of AoS, Bloodbound vs Brets.  It was pretty close at 10-7 wounds left at the end of turn 6.

Video Games:
- Played some more Star Wars Battlefront, though I'm pretty burnt out on it.  I did play with a friend, which was much more fun than always playing solo.

- Played a bunch of mobile games:  Star Wars Base command, Drop Assault, Freeblade, carnage, and space wolf.

- My daughter got Disney Infinity 3.0, so we've been playing that  together a bit.

- Played a bit of Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon.  I rolled up Bulbasaur, and chose s Mudkip for my partner!

- I've been playing Halo 5 a ton.  I'm really enjoying, but I'm pretty terrible at it!  I did awesome in my first 2 games, but I've stunk at it ever since!  My KDR is terrible!  ("WuhSawBe" on Xbox, if you ever wanna play and show me what I'm doing wrong!)

- Started reading Halo: Primordium, the 2nd book in the Forerunner saga, but I just could not get into it.  Instead, I've gone back to reading the Ultramarines novel: Nightbringer, though I did order Halo: Last Light on Amazon, so I'll switch to that when it arrives.

- Saw the new Star Wars movie, and I really enjoyed it!  I think it is safe to say that the beloved Star Wars franchise is safe in Disney and Abram's capable hands!
See everyone in 2016!


  1. New figs look very Khorne and appropriately bloody.

    Happy 2016!