Thursday, December 10, 2015

Frostgrave: Completed Pathfinder Snow Goblin Tribe!

"Funny water tastest funny..."

One of the nice things about Frostgrave is how open ended the game is in regards to miniatures, giving a lot of people the chance to use all the random odds-and-ends, extra figures that may not have been usable in other systems.  For me, I chose to combine Frostgrave with my love affair of the Pathfinder setting.  I lack a group to play the Pathfinder RPG with, (I also lack time) so I have to come up with creative ways like this, and the Pathfinder ACG to get my Pathfinder fix.  It took awhile the Reaper Bones models to arrive, so I only finally got around to finishing them a week or so ago.  Anyway, here's my Snow Goblin Tribe, I lovingly called the "Bird Bone Tribe"...

Apprentice (L) and Wizard (R)

Up first is my Wizard and Apprentice, which I have shown before.  Since the wizard is mounted, and there currently are no rules for mounts in Frostgrave, I came up with the idea to choose specific spells that may represent the Goblin Dog he's mounted on.  I'll go into this in greater detail when I go into the roster below...

Infantrymen (L) and Thieves (R)

Up next are the Infantrymen (err, InfantryGoblins) and Thieves.  Since I knew I'd be dealing with duplicates a lot in this warband, I decided that I'd do something a bit different with each duplicate.  For the Infantrymen, I gave one just a plain eye patch, while the other I gave skull facepaint and an actual wounded eye.  For the Thieves, I simply painted one with black gear, and bit of black facepaint across the eyes.

Men-at-arms (L) and Archers (R)

Up are my personal favorites of the bunch, the men-at-arms (again, GOBLIN-at-arms) and the archers.  Just like before, I painted one of each to have skull face paint.  For the men-at-arms,  I also snipped off one of the weapons to replace it with a shield.  Out of the entire warband, I think the man-at-arms one with the face paint is my favorite of the whole lot.

Here's the initial 500 gc Roster list I came up with:
 "The Bird Bone Tribe"

Elementalist Wizard (Goblins are destructive, and like explosions!)

Spells:  Elemental Bolt  -  Scatter Shot  -  Destructive Sphere  -  Grenade  -  Fleet Feet  -  Leap  -  Brew Potion  -  Furious Quill


1x Thief
2x Archers
2x Infantrymen
1x Man-At-Arms
500 gc total

So, the spell choices.  I thought about going for the Witch School, but decided to go for an Elementalist instead, with a really high emphasis on EXPLOSIONS!  Hence, the really aggressive initial 3 spells from the elementalist school.  It gets interesting from there.  Grenade from the enchanter school is in, cuz, well, EXPLOSIONS!  Fleet Feet and Leap are how I'm representing the Goblin Dog that the Wizard is riding.  It was a tough choice between Brew Potion and Poison Dart form the Witch tree.  I figured, seeing how there are a lot of feathers on the Goblin's gear, it could easily represent a poisoned feather being thrown at an enemy, but it almost felt too mean.  I settled for brew potion, which also tied into the initial illustration shown above that served as the warband's concept.  Finally, Furious Quill.  I know that Pathfinder Goblins are scared of the written word, but I really liked the idea of magical feather buzzing around an enemy, and it seemed like a watered down, less evil version of Poison Dart, so I went with that.

So, there you have it!  Hopefully one day, I'll be able to actually get in a few games.  Right now, the biggest hurdle seems to be terrain.  For my second warband, I planning to continue the Pathfinder theme, though I'm still trying to figure out what exactly I'd want to do.  I'd love to get my hands on models Varian Jeggare and Radovan (two of my favorite Pathfinder novel characters) to use as my Wizard/Apprentice, but I think they'll be difficult to come by.  Another idea is to just utilize as many the iconic characters as possible in a single warband, A Druid (enchanter) themed force around Lini and some other druids, or doing a "Skinsaw Cult" themed Necromancer warband, or a Cheliax Summoner warband.  Who knows, if I can't make up my mind, I may just end up doing all of them...

Until Next Time,


  1. Cheliax demon summoners would be super cool.

    How about Khellid barbarians lead by a witch?

    Gob's are sweet - I think I too like the skull painted man-at-arms best as well.

    1. Definitely planning on picking up one for a barbarian for sure!

  2. How does your group handle the discrepancy for cover using small miniatures? We've been thinking of reducing the movement of small soldiers, such as goblins, to make up for the advantages from cover for being small.

    1. Sadly, it has never come up, as I have yet to play a single game of Frostgrave...

    2. I've some experience of this.
      It seems to balance out without needing to interfere with the mechanisms.

      Little guys are harder to see, but if they can't be seen, they cannot see to shoot or cast.

      It is a good idea to ensure there's plenty of terrain that even the tall figures can't see over, otherwise livnes of sight are simply too open and the game's dulll unless you're a shooty wizard, or have a warband full of archers.

      The rules have shooting modifiers for each bit of intervening terrain, so things like snowdrifts and trees that don't completely obscure a target will reduce the shooter's odds.

    3. Thanks Stephen for stopping by! Honestly, that was sort of my thoughts on the subject as well, if they ant be seen, then they probably can't see themselves as well. I could see if being an issue in a competitive setting, but it was done for theme, not to "game the system" in anyway, so I don't think many would mind. It also helps that I've seen a lot of people use renders style bases as well, while I've used the taller GW ones, which should be the goblins up in size just a little bit.

      Mind you, I still cannot comment from experience, as I still have yet to play Frostgrave. :/