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Thursday, September 24, 2015

This Geek's Week...

The White Lion from KDM is a BEAST! (pun intended)

- Finished the 2 platoons of my FoW Panzergrenadiers, I've also worked a bit on my Italian Blackshirts and the Semovente 90/53's too.

- Made 6 "treasure markers" for Frostgrave...

- Worked a bit on some of the KDM models...

Tabletops Games:
- Ordered the Frostgrave Rulebook, now the tough question is what models to use...

- Played a heavily proxied game of Frostgrave, Necromancer vs Enchanters (Druids), and it did not end well for the Necromancers!  We played the "Living Museum" scenario, and it was a lot of fun!  I'm pretty impressed overall, and goes to show that you do not need an overly complicated rule set to create a fun game!

- My copy of kingdom Death Monster arrived, and it took me awhile, but I finally got it all unboxed and sorted.  I played through the prologue scenario to get a feel for some of the rules...

Video Games:
- Still periodically playing Pokemon Shuffle.  I'm really excited for Pokemon GO too!

- Played a round of War Thunder US Tanks...

- I finished up the Battletech novel: I Am Jade Falcon.  Next, I'm reading the Frostgrave short stories, to get a better sense of the setting...


  1. You have more free time than me! Jealous!

    I want to give Frostgrave a go so much - but can't can't can't get into YET ANOTHER system when I've still got so much to paint already. :)

    Those KDM minis look fantastic. Glad to hear the game is fun for you thus far - I am super excited to get playing too. Hopefully some time in the next month once my mate gets his new place settled.

    1. Honestly, to me, it doesn't feel like I got a lot done in the last week and-a-half to be honest. I did put in a ton of work, trying to clear off my painting desk before KDM arrived, but sadly, I didn't make it in time. Frostgrave was a bit of an impulse buy, with the hope that I'd get that up an going before my KDM stuff came... another miscalculation! As such, my KDM stuff is taking precedence at the moment.

      Overall, though, things can be a bit misleading on these posts sometimes. For example, when I say I "worked on such and such models" often times it means I either assembled them, did a basecoat, or maybe a few layers. It's pretty rare that I can finish a project within one week.

      I do also play a lot of solo games, which makes things easier for me, and most of my games are done solo. I can just set up a game in my basement, which can carry over all day or into the next. I do try and get out of the house once a week when able, usually to play Saga...

      I'm eager to hear what you think of KDM as well, let me know when you get around to playing it as well! I didn't get far into it, but I was impressed with what I did see...

    2. I need to remember to revisit my old comments to see if there are any responses. :)

      KD:M... I'll certainly get some posts up once we get to it. Still waiting on my mate to get his life sorted though. Divorce is an ugly thing at the best of times.

    3. hehe, yep. I do try my best to stay on top of things and post at least some sort of reply to every comment. (unless something slips through the cracks somewhere) I figure, if someone takes the time to read my blog, and post a comment, then the least I can do is make some sort acknowledgement... even if it's just a simple "thanks"...