Sunday, September 13, 2015

Recently completed projects...

 A little bit of Flames of War, a little bit of Battletech...

If you have been reading my blog for a bit, you may know that I like to try my best to fully complete projects before buying any new ones.  This not only keeps hobby costs down, creates a much shorter "to do list" than many hobbyists have (no piles of unpainted figs here), but it also serves as great motivation to keep me painting.  Let be honest, I'm not a big fan of the assembly and painting side of the hobby, and yet I despise playing with/against unpainted stuff more than I despise painting, and I fully understand the idea of "personal touch" and "labor of love" when it comes to the hobby side, so paying for commission work just doesn't feel right to em either.  So, what's the point of this little rambling?  well, currently I have the following projects on my desk at the moment:

2x FoW Panzergrenadier Platoons (14 stands)
2x FoW Italian Rifle Platoons (18 stands)
Italian HQ (1ic & 2ic)
2x Semovente 90/53's + carriers

Honestly, not a whole lot of models left to be painted out of my ENTIRE collection, right?  I'm down to what I consider my "extra" models, these are the guys that have been sitting in my collection for some time, simply because (to be honest) I really do not see myself using them anytime soon.  It's all Flames of War stuff, and I have yet to get in a single game with my already large, painted German force.  Thus, the incentive to paint these guys have always been really minimal.  BUT, I'm trying my best to complete EVERY Project, these guys included before I get swamped with models...

My goal is get everything completed ASAP, as I've pre-ordered the Aliens vs Predator: The Hunt Begins miniatures game, and I've also gotten word that my kickstarter pledge for Kingdom Death Monster may finally be coming out soon.  (Though seeing at it is KS, I'm not holding my breath until it is on my doorstep!)  Hence, why I'm rushing to complete projects, and not starting any new ones, as I fully expect my desk to be covered in hobby projects soon!  Last week saw me completing several projects, and I'll give you a quick rundown of those as well...

You saw my Hermann Goring Panzergrenadier HQ at the top of page, and here are the two Pak 40's that have been on my desk for some time.  I still find 15mm stuff a bit of a break from the norm, and am still wrapping my head around working in that scale.  I've done these guys up in my best attempt at doing the SS-camo given out to the artillery elements of the HG Division, and will be a contrast to the splinter camo I'll be using on the grenadiers themselves.  The goal is to really separate the artillery groups, from the grenadiers, and from the tank corps.

I also finished up the contents of the Battletech: Alpha Strike Battle Lance Box.  (sheesh, what a mouthful) Naturally, I finished up my favorite Inner Sphere mechs up first, the Zeus.  I did him up in a Wolf's Dragoons, Epsilon Regiment scheme, with a bit of extra red added in based off of an MWO repaint I saw for reference.  My overall goal will be to collect and paint up my favorite mechs from the Alpha Strike boxes in this same Dragoons scheme, most of which will be the ones I had successfully piloted in my MWO days, like the Centurion, Cataphract, and the Raven, just to name of few.

I also came up with a fun little idea for all the "extras" from the AS boxes I plan on getting.  I'm a Lyran at heart, loyal to House Steiner, but I didn't feel like adding to my original 3rd Royal Guards, so I came up with a new idea for my "second stringers" from the Battle Lance... do a Lyran Militia force!  Thus, the "GPM" or "Generic Lyran Militia" was born!  The idea is that these guys would be the poorer quality, second line soldiers, and I wanted to make sure their equipment reflected it.  I gave their mechs sections of plating that have been repaired, yet remain unpainted.  Their mechs would have scratches, dents, and oil/grease stains all over from lack of maintenance.  And, to be honest, I'm really excited by the poor, under dog concept... probably more so than my planned dragoons concept to be honest.  When they lose, meh, it's no biggie, they are just a militia force.  But when they win, ooooh, what shame for my opponent, losing out to the Lyran's Benchwarmers!  Also, I happy with the fact that I banged out all 3 of these mechs in a single night!

... and there you have it!  I'm working on painting as much as I can over the next few weeks in anticipation of new projects in the near, and who knows, maybe I can squeeze in another Lance pack or another Saga army in before my AVP and KDM stuff arrives if I work fast enough.  I'll keep everyone posted!

Until next time,

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