Sunday, September 13, 2015

L5R returns in 2017 as an LCG!

I'm beyond excited, L5R has been sold to FFG, and will be turned into an LCG starting in 2017!  I've been in love with L5R since the Scorpion Clan was introduced in the Shadowlands expansion, waaaay back in the day!  I've played L5R off and on, for YEARS.  It wasn't that long ago that I had a weekly L5R group going, only to have it suddenly implode.  I've missed the game dearly since then.  So much so, I debating buying product even though I had no hope of ever playing.  Finally, with an LCG format, I'd be happy to collect the game once more, just for love of the game, even of I have no hope playing.

I know a lot of people are concerned, and things are still up in the air.  Briefly, I'll go into what I PERSONALLY would like to see happen:

1 - Keep the general gameplay the same.  4 provinces, multiple win conditions, honor gain/loss etc.  I'm a bit iffy on senseis.  If they get put in, keep them in.  Keep the rules consistent.

2 - Personally, I'd like to see a timeline reboot. I'd be ok with a complete restart, a redo for all the past events, starting fresh in imperial, or perhaps to around the time of the shadowlands set.

3 - Ditch the colonies.  I was never much of fan...

4 - Return the Mantis to their original form of a "minor clan coalition".  I'd also like to see the Naga be a playable faction again, as well as a return of the shadowlands as playable in their original form, with a few changes.  (It sucked playing Scorpion Dishonor and running into a Shadowlands player who couldn't lose honor).

5 - Hopefully FFG can keep up the "interactive storyline" element of the game, where large events like regionals, nationals, worlds, etc all have a kind of storyline prize dictated by the winner.  Or smaller OP seasons results collected, with some story aspect dictated by results by clan.

I'm sure I could come up with more ideas about I'd like to see done, or what changes I'd like to see made, I'll stop there...

Needless to say, I am really excited by this news!  2017 cannot get here fast enough!  Looking forward to another return to Rokugan, this time hopefully a permanent one!  Is it too early to preorder 3x core sets?

** For those that may not have seen the official announcements, AEG's announement can be viewed HERE and FFG's official announcement can be viewed HERE.

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