Monday, September 14, 2015

Night Stalkers vs Lyran GPM - A Battletech AAR

A Father vs Daughter Death-Match, using the Battletech: Alpha Strike rules...

Setting the scene:
The Night Stalkers of the Draconis Combine crashed in the middle of city on a Lyran controlled planet.  The local Militia Garrison was the first to investigate, and were shocked to see Dracs in their midst! The Night Stalker pilots, who were already prepped for a surprise attack prior to the crash landing, have landed well past their intended factory target, but waste no time exciting the remains of their fallen craft...

The Night Stalker Forces:
- My Daughter's mechs

Lyran GPM Force:
- Played by me

Turn 1
Turn 1 -
Cicada moves to the left, spider flanks right.  Trebuchet and grasshopper both take center.  All were eager to put some distance between themselves and the crash.

The Hatchetman jumps to the second level of nearest building as the Draconis forces pop on their radar.  The Orion moves left, Banshee moves right.

The cicada, grasshopper, and trebuchet fire at the Orion, stripping it's armor. The spider peppers the banshee, trying to get its attention.  The banshee and the Orion fire at the trebuchet.

Two Lyran mechs down!

Turn 2 -
Cicada moves up to the Orion's position, only to have the Orion move past.  The grasshopper steps forward to back up the trebuchet, who stands his ground.  The banshee moves to the corner, keeping his back to the wall, as the spider, now denied a back shot, Advances to the banshee.

The banshee, annoyed by the spider, shoots and strips it's armor.  The cicada fires into the back of the Hatchetman, the trebuchet finished him off though not before taking several hits, taking out it's weapons.  The grasshopper takes out the Orion, but sustains a bit of damage in the process.

Turn 3

Turn 3 -
Seizing the initiative, the Draconis forces surround the banshee, and begin to fire.  (All except the spider who was weaponless) The Cicada missed, but the trebuchet and grasshopper hit home.  The banshee was able to take out the trebuchet, thus securing an escape route!

Turn 4

Turn 4 -

Managing to break through, the banshee moves towards the next building, still careful to keep his back from being exposed.  The cicada and grasshopper move in.  The spider stays put, with a single structure point left, and no weapons, he was essentially out of the battle at that point.  Cicada fires and misses, but the grasshopper lands a hit.  The banshee sees the cicada as the easier target, fires, stripping off a few point of armor.

Turn 5

Turn 5 -
The banshee, continues getting pummeled, staggers back to the next building, still careful to keep his back to terrain.  The grasshopper takes advantage of the added space, while the cicada continues to harass the slower, bulkier mech.  The Draconis mechs continue to hit home, and the banshee is starting to feel the effects with an engine hit, damaged weapons, and an ammo explosion further damages the banshee's weapons.  Likewise, the cicada takes a hard hit to its legs, and is left with a single structure point.

Turn 6
Turn 6 -
The banshee limps further back, in an attempt to block the grasshopper's shots.  while the cicada limps after him.  The grasshopper, leaps through the building, and despite being partially blocked by terrain, manages a solid hit, taking the banshee's already damaged engine...

The Grasshopper brings down the Banshee...

All in all, it was a fun game, and a win for my daughter!  It was interesting because I'm usually the one to focus-fire and take down mechs, while she tends to spread damage around, and while she did bounce damage to both the Hatchetman and the Orion, it worked out in her favor this time, as both mechs went down in the same round.  Going into it, she chose some lighter, faster mechs, and I expected to them to drop rather quickly to my harder hitting mechs, but that clearly did not happen!  In my defense, I was playing the second-rate, militia forces, who were ill-prepared for battle... While the Night Stalkers, though jostled by the crash, clearly used their battle experience and battle readiness to full advantage.  Now the Lyrans have the measure of the Draconis Forces, and the GPM know to expect a fight next time!

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