Monday, June 9, 2014

This Geek's Week...


- Conducted another BGG trade.  this time, I got a copy of the DC deck builder in exchange for MedWar Sicily.

- Attempted to run Lini through the "poison pill" scenario.  I ended up running out of time, as she struggled with any check 11 or greater.

- worked on my MYTH crawlers, including the captain, the big boss, and Yardu, simply because I put too much paint on my pallet.

- Backed Xenoshyft on kickstarter.  I'm really hoping that there are not a ton of delays in production like I have encountered with Kingdom Death and Arena Rex...

Screen cap from Warthunder.  Loving the tanks!
- Played several games of hearthstone.  Most of my games were pretty crappy, but I did finish 3 quests...

- Played a bunch of Warthunder tanks for the first time, and I must say, waaaaay better than World of Tanks!  The Pz II and Pz III are hard to score kills in at times, but I've had a decent amount of kills in the PZ IV since it doesn't take 5+ shots to kill something. (most of the time)

- Played a 1/2 game (4 super villains) of the DC deck builder with the family.

- Worked a bit on painting my 509th Paras for FoW.

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