Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Heroes of MYTH are ready for action!

I recently finished up the rest of the Heroes from the MYTH board game, and despite having some issues in the "clean up" department due to the materials of the models, I'm pretty please for such a quick job!  Hard to say which is my favorite.  The Archer's pose is pretty "meh".  The Apprentice always looks unnaturally red-skinned in the art, so I tried to give him more of an Indian look without deviating too much more from the official look.  I still like how the brigand turned out, but his pose is also kind of blah, which leaves the Soldier and the Acolyte.  I really like the color combinations of the Acolyte, but I really overall how the Soldier turned out as well.  With these guys all finished up, I'll be moving onto the Crawlers next...

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