Wednesday, June 11, 2014

FoW - Finished US 509th Paratrooper Platoon

I recently hunkered down and worked a ton on my first 15mm platoon EVER for FoW, the 509th Para element that will be going towards my Late War US Ranger list based around the Battle of Cisterna.  The models themselves came from the "Open Fire" box set, although I struggled getting the laying down MGs put together correctly, so I had to sub in some old, metal MGs.  What really impressed me most was all the detail that battlefront was able to achieve with the plastics, looking back at some old, old metal figures, BF has come a long way!    The platoon formation came out of the "Road to Rome" book, and the color scheme from the "Open Fire" box set book.  All in all, I'm pretty pleased for my first attempt at 15mm infantry, and I'm sure they will look just fin on the tabletop!

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