Monday, June 2, 2014

This Geek's Week...

... Another week goes by, with little being done on the hobby front.

- Started working on the Crawlers for MYTH.

- Gave Panzer General online a try. ( It's a fun little, free to play, browser based WWII game.  It's a fun distraction, but I doubt I'll play all that often... Especially seeing as I hardly play any of my other F2P stuff.

- Finished "Queen of Thorns" by Dave Gross.  Started reading the Ultramarines omnibus.  (I've been in a bit of a 40k mood since 7th ed dropped)

... and in other news, I'm thinking of starting up Warmahordes again, and I have also heard that SAGA gets played sometimes on Tuesday nights, which I may have to look into.  (I FINALLY get a single night off from work, it happens to be Tuesdays... until my boss changes his mind... again)  I've been unable to find any opponents for FoW, which is why I've slowed down on my second LW army and have hesitated starting Bolt Action.  (SIGH, where are all the Historical Wargaming fans in the KC area?!?)  Finally, I also read that their may be some organized play for the Pathfinder ACG coming in the near future.  I'm a Pathfinder junky, and I really, really, REALLY would love to find an RPG group but my schedule really limits me, so I'm hoping I can fit the ACG OP into my schedule as a bit of an alternative to the RPG.  We shall see...

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