Sunday, June 30, 2013

This Geek's Week,,,

Thought I tasted something special...

- Blind tweaked my decks for the Star Wars LCG.  My Imperial Navy deck is still aggressive, hopefully even more so with the couple of modifications.  The idea behind my Jedi deck will still be about buffed, defensive characters, with Luke and Yoda being the 2 main guys.

- Built a Smugglers & Spies Hoth deck, and an Imp/Bounty Hunter deck looking to focus on capturing cards.  Will play around with and tweak them both once I get the latest force pack in my hands.

- Played a game of netrunner with my criminal deck vs Jinteki.  I ended up losing due to a Ronin, but it was late game and it wasn't looking like I was gonna win anyhow.  My deck was just running way too slow.  Too many wasted turns, not enough money, the usual.  I think I may need to tweak it yet again...

- Finally played my 1st game of the A game of Thrones LCG, using my Targaryen vs Lannister.  It was 9-11 in the Lannister favor, but a well timed Balerion saved my hide, and I was able to snag final 6 power due to having heir to the throne, danerys,  Balerion, and Raegal out.

- Played bunch of Skyrim.  Hurry up ESO!

- Worked on bit on the light warjacks from my Retribution starter.

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