Sunday, June 9, 2013

This Geek's Week...

- Been playing a ton of Hawken.  As much as I enjoy the Battletech universe, Hawken is by far my favorite of the mech-combat games.  The gameplay is fast paced, and has a real tactical feel to it.  Most importantly, it feels balanced!  AND IT'S 100% FREE!  No "Pay2Win" issues either, as real cash only buys cosmetic upgrades, and/or saves you on grind time.  I just cannot not hype this game enough!  If you haven't done so, head over to and try it for yourself!  Currently, my Bruiser is level 20 (25 is max) and I finally had enough money, after fully kitting out my Bruiser, to buy a Scout mech.

- Played a game of Marvel: Legendary.  I ended up building a deck around Spider-Man and 2 cost stuff, allowing me to cycle through my entire deck each turn.  I ended up in 2nd place, a mere 2 points behind the leader.

- Played several 5 player "Raid games" of the World of Warcraft CCG.  It was pretty fun, almost like playing a WoW version of Sentinels of the Multiverse.  First game we played, I used a Worgen Warlock against Deathwing, and we wiped the floor with him.  Next game, I played the same deck vs Deathwing, but we tried him on a hard level, and although it looked rough for us at first, we pulled it off.  Next they switched me to some monster-druid-centaur chick and we fought the Caverns of time bosses, and got owned with about 2 bosses left.  In our final game, I played an Alliance Rogue named Edwin VanCleef.  I didn't realize till late in the game, but the whole game I mucked up my damage output with him, as using the axe I had in play, I should have been attacking for 2 instead of just one the whole game.  All but 2 of our player got wiped out as one of the bosses dealt every player 12 damage upon her arrival, but we (I say "we" but it was really the last 2 guys) managed to kill of the remaining bosses.  All in all, it was pretty fun in that raid style, multiplayer format.

- Reworked both my Criminal and Weyland decks.  I hadn't had a chance to try either of them out after my last changes, but in my head, I just knew they wouldn't work.  Thus, I swapped stuff around a bit.  I still need to pick up the last 2 data packs, at which point, I'll get the couple of cards I'm missing to solidify my overall deck idea.  I'll probably post my decks up on here when I get those few key cards.

- Played a bit of Skyrim.  I'm itching for a GOOD fantasy MMO, I wish Elder Scrolls Online would hurry up and get here!

- Hung out at the shop Saturday night.  One of the few redeeming qualities of the shop is that you can freely drink up their, and the alcohol was flowing that night.  Not just beers either, but whiskey and 15 year old scotch too.  Late in the evening, the guys decided to fire up a grill out front and we all ate burgers, brats, and hotdogs.  But it wasn't all just booze and drunken fun.  We played 2 games of the DC Deck Builder, 2 games of Quarriors, and a game of netrunner.   

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