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Saturday, May 25, 2013

This Geek's Week...

Weyland Consortium: yeah, she gets it...

- Dismantled my Haas-Bioroid deck, and went back to playing Weyland.  I'm just not an HB fan, and I can't really get into that faction.  Much more of a Weyland employee!

- Tweaked both my Imperial Navy and Jedi deck for the LCG.  I tried to make the imperial side have more punch on the offensive front, while I tried to make my Jedi more resilient.

- Made it to the shop this Wednesday.  I introduced the Star wars LCG to one of the shop regulars.  He used my Imperial deck, while I played my Jedi.  I ended up winning, but it was actually pretty close, another game that came down to a single turn.  After that initial test against each other, I think I succeeded in making my Imperials more offensive, while my main Jedi characters are now much harder to kill.  I look forward to further testing...

- Also got to play 2 games of the Lord of the Rings deckbuilder.  The first one using Boromir, didn't go so great.  I got screwed out of a couple of turns, and I ended with something like 34 points.  The 2nd game I played Gandalf, and wrecked stuff!  I got the location that let me discard a card from hand each turn, so i was quickly able to get rid of all my starting cards and any corruptions I picked up.  I also picked up a ton a draw cards, allowing me to cycle through my small deck at a really quick rate.  In the end, I had killed 6 of the archenemies, and ended with a final score of 55 points.

- Played some Dead Space.  Played a bit of Neverwinter.  Played a couple matches of Hawken.

- Got some promo cards in the mail for L5R, which led me to redo my Ronin deck.  The group we had going at the gaming store as pretty much fizzled out for the most part, so i doubt I ever get a chance to try it out...

- The family and I are also getting geared up to fly down to Florida for "Star Wars Weekends" at Disney.  I wont be dressing up this year, but my daughter loves to dress in costumes so we plan on bringing her Buzz Lightyear costume, her Yoda Costume, and her Cinderella dress.  What can I say, my daughter's already a little cosplayer!

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