Saturday, May 18, 2013

This Geek's Week...

- Played 2 games of the Star Wars LCG.  In the 1st, I was playing as my Imperial Navy deck, vs a mix of Rebel/Jedi.  The game was close, I ended up losing due the Red Five getting shielded just prior to me killing him off, which would have saved the game for me.  I ended with 10 points, 2 or 3 destroyed objectives, with the Death Star's laser in my hand, so literally next turn would have equaled a win for me.  The next game was just as close!  I played my Jedi vs a Navy/Sith mixed deck.   I had out one of the objectives that gave me a point for totaling up who control the force, and I dropped Obi-wan 1st turn against 2 ties.  I wouldn't see another unit for many turns, all the while forcing Obi-Wan to defend as best he could!  The force stayed on the light side the whole time, which helped, considering I wasn't able to attack.  Eventually, I managed to swarm the board in a single turn, with a couple Jedi in Hiding, and the 1 cost twi'lek.  I ended up keeping the enemy TIES heavily focused, allowing me to swarm the objectives, unopposed.  Still, the game ended with the empire at 10 or 11 points.... another close one!

- Played 2 games of Netrunner.  1st was Criminals vs my Hass-Bioroid.  I ended up winning, mostly due to a suicidal run by the Criminal player.  My deck ended up stalling out.  I ended with 6 points, the criminals had 2.  We switched it up, and I played my Criminal vs Jinteki.  It was pretty rough!  I never saw a single Icebreaker all game, despite running more than what the internets considers the norm. (I like to have a backup plan if a program gets trashed)  Needles to say, I ended up scoring 6 points, to Jinteki's 0 before getting double scorched earth for the loss.

- Worked a bit more on painting my Retribution stuff.  Finished painting the Warcaster, Kaelyssa.  I'm having a hard time getting excited for Warmachine at the moment, which I think is contributing to my slow pace in the painting department.  

- Played some Dead Space.... man, that game is CREEPY!

- Downloaded Neverwinter to give it a try until Elder Scrolls Online comes out.  It seems just "ok", but it is free to play.  I rolled an Elf control mage named "WuhSawBe"  and a halfling great-weapon warrior named "Failbo Laggins" on the Mindflayer server.

- Painted a bit on an Alaitoc Warlock.  Nothing to really write about, as it was literally just a coat of yellow on the helmet.

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