Sunday, June 16, 2013

This Geek's Week...

Happy Father's Day to all the fellow dads out there!

- Played more Hawken.  I actually went 11-0 in one game and got accused of hacks for the 1st time since I started.  All I can say is "New player right of passage: COMPLETE!"

- Played several games of World of Warcraft again, this time against several Dungeon decks, and we got owned! (with the exception of the 1st one we played)  I actually picked up an Alliance, Human Death deck of my own and played it several times.  Honestly, despite being a starter box, I held my own.  I also played a round using a draenei priest deck.  As I said before, the game is fun, when played as a co-op, with a similar feeling to games like Sentinels.

- Picked up "A Dark Time" for the Star wars LCG, and "Future Proof" for Netrunner. 

- Reworked my criminal deck from the ground up.  I also dismantled my Weyland deck, and replaced it with an NBN: The world is yours* fast advance deck.  I've also got an interesting NBN tag-n-bag deck in the back of my head if this one doesn't work out, and I've plenty of past success with a previous NBN TNB deck.

- I broke down and downloaded the WoW trial, rolling a Worgen Druid named "Wuhsawbe" on the Dalaran pve server.  Can't say I'll play it all that much, but maybe it'll hold me over till 2014 and ESO.

- Finished painting my manticore warjack from my retribution starter.  Moved on to painting the two light warjacks.

- Working on designing some cheap to build WoW decks for raiding.  I plan to build a Scourge Death knight deck, an all-Worgen druid deck, and a Blood Elf warlock deck.

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