Monday, March 4, 2013

Wolf's Dragoons, Devil Dogs Galaxy

As you can see, the paint schemes will be directly inspire by MWO

If you've been reading my "This Geek's Week..." posts, you'll easily see that I play a ton of MWO. I've been a Battletech fan ever since I first saw the cartoon some 20 years ago, but it was MWO that truly reignited my love for the franchise.  Now as an adult, I'd say that I appreciate the Battletech universe much more now than ever before.  So, it should not come as much of a surprise to see MWO make an impact on my Classic Battletech games as well.  My latest force on the tabletop is inspired completely by MWO, and more importantly the unit I'm a part of in the game.  The Devil Dogs Galaxy of the Wolf's Dragoons!

The overall plan is to build a force based solely on the mechs within my MWO Mechbay, painted in a paint scheme as close to possible as the mechs I pilot in MWO.  The exception being the Zeus, which is not in MWO yet, but is still my favorite of the Inner Sphere mechs.  

Here's what I have planned for the army so far:
- Zeus
- Commando
- Raven
- Centurion
- Cataphract
- Catapult
- Atlas

The list will also grow as I add mechs to my Mechbay in MWO, and as you've seen, I currently have the Zeus and Raven painted up.  Next up, model wise, will probably be a Centurion and a Cataphract, my current favorite mech in MWO.

I'll be sure to keep everyone updated on how the army progresses...

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