Friday, March 29, 2013

This Geek's Week...

- Got a couple of 8 man games of MWO in.  We won a few, but again, I think we could have done better if we coordinated a bit more with specific mech compositions and such.

- Played some Skyrim.  I'm a bit stuck, as I keep running into these hard to kill, named Dragons that either kick my butt, or kill my follower.  Thus, I've been trying to clear some dungeon areas, get some new gear, level, etc.  I also bought a house in the game as I was tired of lugging around all the dragon scales/bones.

- Finished Superman: Red Son.  I enjoyed it, especially seeing the Russian verson of Batman and the Cold War Era Green Lantern.

- Read through all the BattleForce rules of Battletech.  Sounds like it could be fun.  Only thing I'm not a fan of is having a single miniature to represent an entire lance.  I'll probably keep the models as individual mechs.  It will slow things down a bit, but not to classic battletech levels.

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