Saturday, March 16, 2013

This Geek's Week...

Now THAT is service!

- Built a "Towers of the Yogo" swarm deck.  The idea is to churn out as many people per turn to maximize the tower's bow effect.  The way it is is built, I should feasibly be able to get 3 personalities on the table a turn using just the stronghold, border keep, and harvesters. One additional holding should allow me to clear my provences every turn.  I have yet to test it, I'm sure it will need plenty of tweaking.

- Built a Ronin deck, just for fun.  My initial concern is with it is that it doesn't seem very focused.  It's got cavalry, scouts, and kensai... it is a mess!  I'll have to play it a couple of times, and figure out what aspect of the deck I want to hone in on.

-  Been playing MWO as usual.  I recently had a couple of great solo games.  One was in my Raven 3-L, in which I was the last alive and managed to kill to an atlas, a trebuchet, and a centurion to pull out the win for my team.  In another, I was running my Cataphract 1-X, and managed to rack up 6 kills in that match, and again, won the game for my side.  I think 6 kills in a single match is the most I've accomplished in MWO.  In games like those I like to tell my team afterwards, "Don't worry, I'll send you my bill...".  As a merc, it is sort of a catchphrase I've developed.  Also, my unit in MWO has a "tactical meeting" Monday night, to discuss 8 man strategies, and developed a list of competitive mechs and formations.  Despite playing in "Run Hot or Die" leagues, we really haven't taken 8 mans too seriously.  Monday will be a step toward fixing that, and hopefully stepping closer to the big leagues.

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