Saturday, March 9, 2013

This Geek's Week...

- Playing a bunch of MWO as usual.

- Played a 150pt game of X-Wing.  I lost, as usual, but managed to take out several A-Wings, along with Chewie and Falcon.  Wedge w/ R2-D2 was still my bane.  I just cannot seem to get through an x-wing with R2.  I stripped the shields multiple times, put 2 damage on him, but he was always able to recover.

- Played a game of Sentinels vs La Capitan or whatever her name is.  We ran Omnitron, Unity (me), Mr. Fixer, The Scholar, and the new time bounty hunter guy.  At one point it seemed we were gonna lose.  She got out a card that let her search for 3 crewmen, and then followed it up with the same card again all in a single turn.  Once we finally were able to wade through all that crew, the Villain actually went down rather quickly.  Most Raptor Bots actually got the kill shot.  I think Unity may be my favorite Hero, with the Wraith coming a close 2nd.

- Painted a tiny bit on some of my DUST models.  Nothing major, just some washes.

- Played a TON of L5R.  My Scorpion Paragon deck, multiple times,  My Dishonor deck, Multiple times, and my Crab Berserker and Naga Enlightenment decks once each.  I played against an oni deck a few times, as well as a Dragon honor, and dragon fire monk, multiple times.  Played so many games, I cannot remember them all, but I did win more than I lost...

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