Sunday, February 17, 2013

This Geek's Week...

I've been a bit "under the weather" this week...

- Had some great runs in this week's "Run Hot or Die" MWO league, going 3-0 vs the 10th Solaris Rangers.  In one game I ran a Centurion 9-AL, and in the rest I ran in my Raven 3-L.  I managed to get top score on my Centurion match, and managed at least 1 kill in my other games.  I also built an SRM cat, which I mainly use in PUGS as it is just disgusting what it can do.  Top score in almost every match, damage around 1,000, and with multiple kills in almost every match.  It usually makes up for the extremely poor performance from other puggers.
**Note: I'm not saying I'm awesome or anything, in fact I'm probably average at best.  Merely stating that the general pugger/pug group is really just THAT BAD.  If it weren't for my "SplatCat" (and my Cataphract 1-X to an extent) I would absolutely HATE playing MWO solo and probably not play at all without at least a 4 man group on Comms.  (yes, it's that bad!)

- Played a bit of Elder Scrolls.

- Picked up a Zeus mech for a new Wolf's Dragoons force for Battletech, inspired by  the unit I'm in in MWO, the Devil Dogs.  (A Galaxy of the Wolf's Dragoons)  As the force will be MWO inspired, I plan to paint them up in a Devil Dogs paint scheme, and with a few exceptions for my favorite mechs (i.e. Zeus, Axemen, ect) I plan to only use mechs that I pilot in MWO, with MWO specific configurations. 

- Also ordered some bases for Battletech and a Raven 3-L to match the one I pilot in MWO.

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