Sunday, February 10, 2013

L5R Decklist: Law of Darkness Dojo - My WIP Version

This is my Scorpion Dishonor deck that I've been constantly tweaking and reworking.  I keep referring to it as my "Magistrates" deck, but after typing it all out, I realize there are very few Magistrates in it, and in fact, I rely more on my Courtiers than anything!  Guess I should come up with a new name for it...  Just like before, when it was primarily a Magistrate deck, the goal is to cause as much honor loss in battle as possible.  Throughout the deck's progress, I've started to add more and more "honor loss timers" to the deck in order to force wary opponents into attacking in order to "seal the deal" and get them to -20 honor.  The deck is not perfect, and is still WIP, but it seems to perform pretty well in my local meta.

Law of Darkness Dojo
Border Keep XP
Bamboo Harvesters XP

Dynasty (40)

Celestial (1)
1 Bayushi's Guidance

Events (3)
1 Suspicions
1 Successful Bounty
1 Rebuilding the Empire

Region (1)
1 Second City

Holdings (10)
3 Den of Iniquity
2 Geisha House
3 Slanderer
2 Travelling Peddler

Personalities (25)
3 Shosuro Kameyoi
2 Bayushi Misaki
3 Shosuro Ryoken
3 Soshi Komiko
3 Otomo Demiyah
3 Bayushi Shibata
3 Bayushi Irezu
1 Soshi Yoshihara
1 Bayushi Rentatsu
1 Bayushi Nitoshi
2 Bayushi Nori 

Fate (40)

Strategies (39)
3 Game of Sincerity
3 Cowed and Defeated
3 Inexplicable Challenge
3 Shameful Rebuke
3 Scorn the Weak
3 Veiled Menace
2 Bad Kharma
3 Power of a Word
3 Hidden Defenses
2 The Host's Advantage
2 Request Authorization
1 Game of Dice
1 Relentless Conviction
1 Peace
1 Fruitless Search
3 Remember Your Ancestors
2 The Shadow Court

Rings (1)
1 Ring of the Void

To start with, Bayushi's Guidance and Suspicions are all part of the "Honor Clock" I've built in.  The same goes for Rentatsu and Nitoshi.  In regards to Nitoshi, many people will want leave him out.  I don't mind him.  For starters, HE'S OUR CHAMPION, it would just feel wrong not to play at least one deck with him in it!  I can also say, he's won me several games, as I've got plenty of cheap guys I can kill off for his 3 honor loss.  I've noticed opponents get desperate when Nitoshi hits the board, and a desperate opponent is often a sloppy one.  Not to mention, Rentatsu + Nitoshi + Guidance + Suspicions is a significant loss each turn.  Nori is a leftover from my Magistrate build, and a placeholder to be cut eventually.

I'm also not a sold (pun intended) on the deck's gold scheme.  I haven't had a chance to put in the new holding from the Gempukku starters, but I'd like to slot it in somewhere.

Fate side, not a whole lot to go over.  I think I'd like a 3rd Bad Kharma in there somewhere, but so far I'm still testing and tweaking Fate side.

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