Sunday, February 10, 2013

L5R Deck: Scorpion Paragons - My WIP Version.

I will preface this by saying this is by no means a PERFECTED deck of any sorts, merely it is the WIP deck I've been playing lately.  I'm sure there are better card choices out there,  and I do plan to continue to tweak this along the way as I get ahold of new cards.  That said, so far it seems to be working pretty well thus far in my local meta.  One of the things that I like best about this deck is that it is not an "auto win" deck, which creates more of a dynamic, and fun game for both players.

Shiro Chugo
1 Border Keep - exp
1 Bamboo Harvesters - exp

Dynasty (40)

Celestials (1)
Ryoshun's Guidance

I hope this guy gets an experienced version one day...
Regions (1)
Shinden Shori

Holdings (8)
3 Forgotten Outpost
3 Colonial Harbor
2 Prosperous Village

Personalities (30)
3 Bayushi Irezu
3 Bayushi Nomen - exp2
3 Bayushi Suwabe
3 Bayushi Tenzan
3 Bayushi Toshimo
3 Bayushi Waru
3 Shosuro Ritoru
3 Shosuro Tanzaki
3 Bayushi Makubesu
2 Bayushi Tarou
1 Bayushi Waru -exp

Fate (40)

Strategies (39)
3 A Paragon's Strength
3 Cast Aside the Weak
3 Grateful Reward
3 Overcome Adversity
3 Strength in Terror
3 The Perfect Moment
3 Murderous Intent
1 A Game of Dice
1 Closing the Gap
1 Creating Order
3 Sneak Attack
2 Entrenched Position
3 Know No Fear
3 Nakanu Technique
3 Loyalty of the Scorpion
1 Feign Death

Rings (1)
1 Ring of Earth


To start with, I'll try and clear up some of my choices that you may be scratching your head over.  1st off, Bayushi Makubesu.  I like him for a couple of reasons, first and foremost, his character/story is intriguing.  He's just cool!  Game wise, sure he's it a bit expensive, but his cost is comparable to the rest of the army.  He's also an additional courtier to trigger things like Waru's ability should my Tenzaki's not arrive or get taken out.  His 4 force isn't shabby, and he comes with a built in Nakanu Technique, which is actually what landed him a spot in the deck in the 1st place.  Originally I only had a single copy of Nakanu's in my collection, and now despite the fact that I have a full set in the deck, I still haven't swapped him out.

Bayushi Tarou is a placeholder for something better down the road.  I don't absolutely hate him though, decent force with the potential to be a bit cheaper with a courtier.  But yeah, he's on the chopping block.

Fate wise, I've only got a single Feign Death, but I'd like to add at least one more.  FD's can come in handy should I lose a Suwabe or Tanzaki.  Entrenched Position is mainly a defense against Sneak Attacks and the inevitable Mantis player.  I'm a bit iffy on Murderous Intent, as it's been awhile since it has felt necessary.  The Sneak Attacks have really come in handy however.  A trick I like doing is Sneak -> Overcome Adversity (if needed) -> Stronghold Melee 4 to a big guy's face.  I've snagged a couple of enemy Champions that thought they were safe that way that would have ruined my plans otherwise.

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