Saturday, February 2, 2013

This Geek's Week...

- Played some Skyrim.  I'm really liking my Wood Elf, and am debating playing Aldmeri in ESO when it comes out!

- Played a bunch of MWO.  Got my Cataphracts to master level.  Built a Cicada 3-M, hated it, so swapped it out for a Raven 3-L which is much better.  I also dropped in an 8-man for the 1st time since the patch that introduced ECM and the 8-man changes.  We rocked several teams, including the "GOON squad" and another team that the group I dropped with hadn't managed to beat before.  Joined up as a "Bondsmen" (trial/trainee) with the "Devil Dogs", a Wolf's Dragoons unit in MWO.

- Finished painting my Hellbringer mech for Battletech.  I'm happy with the scheme, so I think I'll push forward with it in the future.  Also finished up painting my Eldar Support Weapon.

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