Sunday, February 10, 2013

This Geek's Week...

- Been playing a ton of MWO again this week.  Both 8-man and 4-man groups.  In the 8-man groups I played in my Raven 3-L exclusively.  I think I may be the Devil Dog's dedicated light pilot.  In the 4-mans, I played my Cataphract, and I think my Cataphract 1-X with 5 Large Lasers is my favorite of the Cataphracts.  I think I may build an SRM or AC20 Catapult next.

- Got to play 3 games of L5R. 2 using my Scorpion Paragons, and 1 using my Magistrates.  1st up was Spider military.  I got things rolling pretty early on, got him down to 2 provences pretty quickly.  He attacks, swinging for 2 provences that i let go so I can play the perfect moment to snag 1 provence.  Next turn, I swing in masse for his final provence.  Next I played him with my Magistrates deck.  In that game he Attacks turn 2 or turn 3, I manage to get him down to -16 honor after just that battle, and due to Shibata's +1 provence strength for having a dishonored peep, he bounces from the provence.  I had a couple of "honorloss timers" in play, so there wasn't much he could do to keep from hitting -20 in the next turn.  He attacks and gets 2 provences as a "parting gift" before losing via dishonor.  My final game was my Paragons vs Crane.  He got up to 20 honor pretty quickly, but it all went downhill as I melee attacked some of his peeps early on, and he started to losing provences too quickly.  He lost his final provence just after hitting 30 honor.

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