Monday, November 23, 2015

This Geek's Week...

I finally gave in to my Halo cravings and bought an Xbox One...


- Worked more on my Goblin Warband for Frostgrave, finishing up 2 of the 8 goblins.  I also finished up a fountain for one of the scenarios.

- I've been reading "Mouse Guard" to my daughter, and picked her up some of reaper's mouslings to use in Frostgrave.  She basecoated them, but wants me to do the detail work.

Video Games:

- I got an Xbox one (early Christmas gift to myself) along with Star Wars Battlefront, and the Halo collection.  My gamer tag is "WuhSawBe" if you ever wanna play...

- Downloaded the 40k Titan game: Freeblade, and the Star Wars Battlefront companion.  Although I haven't played much of it, I highly recommend Freeblade.  It's pretty fun to walk around in a giant behemoth of destruction!  The SWB companion is pretty fun as well, and if you play the console game, you may as well check it out too...


- I've started reading Halo:Cryptum.

- I read the Halo graphic novel, but it was a bit disappointing...

** I'm headed out of town for Thanksgiving, so there won't be much to post in the way of geekery for the next week or so.  Have a happy Thanksgiving holiday everyone!



  1. Looking forward to seeing more goblins mate.

    Good luck with the console - SW: Battlefront looks SO pretty.....

    1. Thanks! It shouldn't take me too long to get the rest of them finished when I get back... Provided I don't get too distracted by Star Wars and Halo! =p