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Monday, November 16, 2015

This Geek's Week...

- Worked on my Khorne Bloodreavers for AoS.

- Worked on my Italians for FoW, finishing up the semovente 90/53's...

- The Goblins I needed to finish up my Frostgrave warband arrived (finally), so I've started working on them a bit...

Tabletop games:
- Played a 1/2 game of Frostgrave with my daughter.  She lost interest part way through.  10v10, despite it being her idea, was just a little too much for her...

- Played some Saga, Teutonic Knights vs Mongols, and once again faced off against mass shooting!  It was actually pretty close, but still an 11-14 loss for me.  (Anything less than a 3 pt difference is a draw). So far, out of 15 games, I've only won two.  Needless to say, I'm not very good at Saga...

Card/Board Games:
- Played a game of Xenoshyft, and managed to survive and win with 4 hp left on the base...

- Picked up the Halo version of Bang, to take on my trip out of town...
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  1. WW2 vehicles look super cool. I like your mud effects on the tracks.

    Still trying to get my stuff painted up so I can run a Frostgrave game with my son. Finally managed to get him interested after I offered him to paint up my small 80's Skaven collection as his team.

    1. Haha, there must be something about Frostgrave that just lends itself to kids wanting to play as rodents... my daughter wants to do a Frostgrave warband using the reaper mouslings. Somehow, Frostgrave + Kids = Rats/Mice!

    2. Then logically it will be down to us my friend, to build mouse/rat traps so we can actually win. (Cos my son rolls dice like a pro, even though he barely knows rules!)

    3. Last game, my daughter and I were both rolling terribly. Either the dice just hated us both, or it is something genetic...