Wednesday, November 4, 2015

AoS Hobby Progress - Khorne Bloodbound

Since going half-in on an already cheap AOS box (and having little else to paint on my desk) I've working almost exclusively on my Khorne models.  AoS really has reopened some of the GW floodgates for me, as they were fun models to assemble and paint, which has led to want to grab another AoS starter box, probably the Betrayal at Calth when it comes out, and maybe give the 40k LCG another go!  While I still have plenty of work left to do before the rest of the box is done, I figured I would go ahead and show the two models I have completed thus far: the Khorgorath and the Khorne Lord.

Up first, is the Khorgorath, in all his GORY-glory...

Sorry, I snapped the pic before adding the grass...

As I mentioned earlier, he was pretty fun to assemble and paint overall.  I did have a couple of the smaller fiddly-bits that broke off, but I'm fine with that, as it will serve to make this one a little more unique should I pick up a 2nd one.  One of the big differences is that I really wasn't digging the "Big Red Monster" look, so I went with some fleshier tones, which also really helped to show off all the blood and gore.  Again, there was just so much going on in this model, skulls popping out, horns, and teeth everywhere, tentacles... it was just lots of fun paint!

Next up, is my Khorne Lord and his pet flesh-hound...

Carrl & Tehm...

I decided every mighty lord deserves an equally mighty name, and thus Khorne has dubbed his champion "Carrl" and his hound named "Tehm".  Carrl & Tehm, sounds pretty MIGHTY, doesn't it?!?  I gave up a long, long time ago with trying to paint minis as a lot of others do.  My hands are way too jittery (too much coffee) for fine, detailed line work and highlights, and over time, I developed my own personal style.  I like to think of it as a more "painterly" style, somewhat inspired by John Blanche's work.  I approach my models in a similar fashion to my regular, canvas paintings, with one of the key differences being the highlights.  Instead of fine line work, I hold the model under a light, a simply paint the "hot-spots" created by the light, in places where things would naturally be highlighted when viewed from a light source.  Going back to the model, I think he's a good example of this, especially in areas like his cape.  I'm sure it's not everyone's cup of tea, (as far as minis painting goes) but I feel its different, and somewhat unique to me.  All in all, I'm pleased with how he turned out, and I've been moving forward painting the rest of the khorne stuff in a similar fashion...

... and there you have it!  Again, all in all, I'm pleased with how these guys turned out overall.  I'm plugging away at the rest of the models on my desk, and I'm hoping to have a few more models finished in the next week or so!

Until next time.  Keep calm, and BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!

Manga3040 asked in the comments for a paints list for the Khorgorath, and while it has been awhile since I've painted him, I believe these are the colors I've used.  Also note: some of these are old paint pots, and the colors may have changed names...

The armor parts are Khorne red, washed with nuln oil shade, then highlighted with Khorne red once more.  The Gold/Bronze is leadbelcher, then nuln oil shade, followed by a layer of gryphonne sepia.  Highlighted with chainmail.

The skin is a layer of Tallarn Flesh, followed by a layer of flesh wash, then back over with the Tallarn flesh base.  For highlighights, I mixed in a little white to the Tallarn flesh.  The skulls/bones used the steel drab legion color, followed by Ushabti bone.  The gory parts are this Tamiya red coat stuff, used for painting taillights on model cars. I do a layer of that, then mix in a tiny, tiny amount of black, which caused the paint to thicken up a ton, then I layer that on for that "gloopy" gory, chunky, smeared look.

Dryad Bark for the leathers and straps, followed by a mix of brown/white for the highlights.

I believe that's everything, thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow, that big bugger is quite a mass of detail. I like the fleshy look over red skins, good stuff.

  2. Great work! What is the paint list for the big beast?

    1. I've updated to the post above to include a picture of the paints list, as well as a little bit of the method I used as well. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my stuff!