Monday, September 29, 2014

This Geek's Week...

- Worked a bit on my cultists for 40k.  Progress has been slower than expected due to work and getting sidetracked with video games.

- On the video game side, I have been playing World of Tanks: Blitz, and Hearthstone.  I've also been playing Guild Wars 2, thanks to their free-to-play week.  I've tinkered with all the races and played a few levels of several of the classes.  Thus far, I like the Charr and the Sylvari races the best.  So far, I'm leaning towards a Charr Engineer for a main...

- Played a quick 1v1 game of Battletech with my daughter.  She saw my House Steiner painted minis and wanted to try it out.  She flubbed 3 to hit rolls in a row, and ended up losing because of that. I'm starting to notice a "terrible roll" trend with her!  She must have liked it, because she decided to pick her own mech to paint and pilot, a dragon. (Cuz she said the body looked like an Imperial Star Destroyer)

- Picked up a copy of Wargames Soldiers & Strategy.  I also picked up an older copy of Wargames Illustrated to compare the two magazines.  I plan to subscribe to the one I like best...

- I also picked up the U.S.S. Voyager for Star Trek Attack wing.

- Played a few family games on our little "family day" we call "Sunday-Funday". Vesper played some GW2. We played a family game of Battletech, Star Wars checkers, and munchkin pathfinder.  Vesper liked munchkin, and although my wife had no clue what was going on, she ended up quickly winning in a landslide!


  1. Battletech!!!!!!!
    Don't pulse weapons give -2 to your hit rolls? She might have better luck fielding a mech with those.

    Oh man those were the days. Old Marauder chassis was my fav (stolen from robotech).

    I just had to comment because I was a hardcore battletech player back in the day!

    1. Yep, I still get so nostalgic when it comes to Battletech! We were playing the heavily watered down "Quick Strike" rules though, so the game only lasted a few minutes... perfect for the attention span of a 4 yr old.

    2. Oh nice! I didn't even know those rules. But I still remember a 7 is the center torso, and a double 1 is center torso critical. Forever memory.