Monday, October 6, 2014

This Geek's Week...

- I guess in officially a Guild Wars 2 player now, as I bought the game after the free trial weekend.  It's early on, but I'm loving it so far!  I rolled a Charr Engineer, along with 4 other Charr characters... Care to guess my favorite race?

-  Miniatures wise, I  worked a bit on my 40k cultists.  I'm also secretly helping my daughter paint her Dragon mech for Battletech while she is in school. She base coated it, I'm adding the details.

- Played a game of Star Trek attack wing with my daughter.  Feds (her) vs Romulans (me) and I lost!  She really doesn't get how to maneuver well, pretty random, "okaaay, so a sudden reversal... sure, we can go with that?" (What do you expect, she's only 4!) but she definitely out rolls me when she fires!  Her torpedoes made pretty quick work of my ships...

- A buddy of mine gave me a free copy of Level 7: Escape.  Also my giant order from Coolstuffinc finally arrived after sitting in pre-order limbo for 2 months.  I've now got all but the latest of Star Wars LCG decks, 2x copies of the 40k LCG, a TIE Phamtom for X-Wing, and the Pathfinder ACG: Skulls & Shackles core set + character add on.

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