Monday, October 13, 2014

This Geek's Week...

I'm gonna try a new format for this, hopefully it will be more organized and easier to follow and read...

- Worked on painting some 40k stuff.  I worked a bit on my Eldar Spiritseer, and my Cultists for Chaos.  I'm thinking that instead of trying to complete all 30 at once, I'm thinking of just doing them in smaller, more manageable chunks. (Like 8-10 at a time). This switch let me finish up the Mordian element of my cultists...

- Finished painting my daughter's Battletech Dragon mech.  She then wanted to start a new one...

- Picked up 2 new sets of brushes, as mine were pretty shot!

- Built a bit of 40k related terrain for my future gaming table.

- Played a bunch of Guild Wars 2.  A little less than last week, my Engineer is now lvl 37.

- Built a few decks for the 40k LCG.  I'm mainly planning to play Space Marines, Eldar, and Chaos, since those are the 3 armies I'm into in the tabletop game.

- Played a few solo "learning" games of the 40k LCG.  1st was Eldar vs Marines, with the Eldar defeating the Marines.  Next game was Eldar vs Chaos, with the Eldar's mobility and swarming abilities winning the day, as they could spread out and converge once the Warlord popped up.

- Modified/Rebuilt my Star Wars LCG decks, namely my ongoing Trooper deck and a new all-star Bounty Hunter deck.

- Made it up to the LGS and played 3 games of the Aliens Deckbuilder.  First game we were breezing through until we hit the Queen, and she murdered us.  2nd game we got swarmed early on and were picked off 1 by 1.  3rd game we finally ended up winning...

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