Friday, September 12, 2014

Finished Red Corsair Bikers...

Recently I managed to finish up the first 3 bikes from the Dark Vengeance box that would make up a 1/3 of my future Khornate Red Corsair Bike Squad.  Essentially I used these 3 to form the special weapons section (2x meltas), champion, and icon bearer portion of the squad.  All in all, I'm pretty pleased with the outcome.

My favorite of the 3 has to be this guy, with the Icon and melta.  For me, it's the dynamic pose that does it, I can totally picture this guy skidding his bike to a stop and picking someone off from a distance with a head shot.  The banner came from Warhammer Fantasy, with the fluff idea being that is a torn Dark Angels robe with Khornate symbols and phrases written in both fresh and dried blood.  I had to convert to melta for him, and since it was replacing both bolters, I covered the empty space an extra light.  I've also tinkered around with a little bit of OSL, not a whole lot of course as I'm not able to do it to the highest degree, but I do like what the little bit I did end up doing add to them.

Next comes the other meltra-bro!  Since I was short on plastic meltas, I ended up using a combi-melta with an attached chainsword.  The bolter is well hidden on the inside, so I think I can get away with it.  This time around I also used a gargoyle head as an extra light to cover up the replaced bolter.  I also gave him replaced Red Corsair leg armor.

 Last up is the champion with a powerfist.  He's also got a leaning-in look, and with his fist, it almost looks like he's leaning in to take a swipe at something.  (at least to me it does!)  For him, I converted the fist, added a chaos backpack, painted a bunch of Khorne runes, and really made sure his robe was splattered with gore.

... and there you have it, the first of Red Corsair bikers!  The overall goal for the unit is to eventually have 8 in the unit (Khorne's sacred number) as well as a Khorne-lord on a bike as well.  I'm not sure what chapter to do them from though.  On one hand I almost thought of doing Space Wolves, mounted on wolves somewhere in there, maybe even having the Lord being a SW since it would be fluffy to include SWs in there somewhere.  Another option would be to do some from the Ultramarines (of which I am a fan of), and one of the old Red Corsair short stories does mention a Khorne champion coming from the Ultramarines chapter.  Also, a White Scars element on bikes sounds fitting too.  Finally, the Imperial Fists are another option, since I already have a looted Imperial Fist rhino painted for my Corsairs, and they are another chapter I really like alongside the Ultras.  Hmmm, choices, choices....


  1. Guy with the melta is definitely the star here. The banner is pretty cool as well!

    1. Thanks Greg! Yeah, I think it is going to be interesting to see once the entire unit of 8 (9 counting the lord) comes together, if the Icon-bearer will still be a favorite of mine still or if he'll get overshadowed by one of the newer unit members.