Thursday, September 11, 2014

New Poll: What comes after 40k?

Although I expect to be working on 40k for awhile, I'm already already looking towards what my next project will be, and I have decided to ask my viewers (all 3 of you) to help me decide!  I've posted a poll up on the right side of the blog with a couple of options, and the astute will notice that after working on a bunch of sci-fi lately, I'm leaning towards something historical!

So, what are your thoughts?  Should I go with some 28mm WWII, something Ancient, perhaps some Vikings, maybe I should start up a crusade, or go with some pre-painted naval/arial dogfighting?  Or should I finish up another Flames of War army so I can sit alone in my basement replaying the Battle of Cisterna?

You can help make the call...


  1. I've voted for SAGA. It's a great game, and probably has less barriers to entry than some of the other games so it may be easier to find people to play with. Cheers, Paul :-)

    1. Awesome, thanks for voting! I've heard plenty of good things, and though I'm not a big "Viking guy", I do find the Byzantine Empire interesting. (which is who I'd play) So far it looks like Bolt Action is a few votes ahead of SAGA, but there is still plenty of days to vote as I wont be closing down the poll until my Red Corsairs stuff is all painted, as per my "personal rules" mentioned earlier. =)