Monday, May 5, 2014

This Geek's Week...

- Worked a bit on painting my 509th Paras for my LW US army.

- Played several games of War Thunder in RB.  Most of my games were TERRIBLE, but I did manage one good one.

- Ran Sajan through the entire 4th adventure in the Pathfinder ACG.  I also started up a Lini deck.  She's interesting, she struggled, even with the first Brigandoom scenario, BUT she had crazy healing abilities!  I healed her from close to death, all the way to full on a couple occasions.  I also ordered Adventure deck #5.

- Played a few games of Rampage with my daughter.

- I ended up trading my copy of Krosmaster Arena for a copy of Duels in the Dark.

- Ordered Myth, so you can expect see pictures of painted minis from that game soon!

- Played a single game of Hearthstone.  Although I was clearly outclassed, based on all the premium cards he was using,  it was still a really close game.  I got him down to 3 health, though I knew he had me next turn unless I drew a direct damage spell.  Sadly, I drew a puny 1/1 minion and conceded the game.  I still refuse to spend a single $ on it...

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