Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Myth - Unboxing and Component review!

"For the Night is dark and full of terrors..." wait, wait, wrong game!

My copy of Myth arrived, and I could not wait to rip into the box and start diving through the contents!  This post will be showing you exactly what you can expect see upon lifting the lid, as well a brief review of the components within.  I won't be going into the rules, but if you were ever curious as to what comes in the box, then this post may be of interest to you.  Let's get started...

First off, the box is large and well designed.  If you like the Myth/MERCS art style, then you will definitely like the cover.  It's hard to see in the pictures, but the Heroes and monsters are actually raised just slightly.  Nothing big, but an interesting design choice, instead of just going with a smooth, flat, box top.  The back clearly displays the contents of the box.

Popping the lid, this is exactly what I saw. Cards, dice, and minis on the left.  On the right you have the rules, tokens to punch, game boards, and player boards.  From here, let's start looking at each layer...

The rulebook looks nice!  Lots of information, diagrams, and art.  I have read online however, that the rulebook can be a bit hard to follow, but as I'm just popping the box for the first time I can't comment on that.  I think (based on glancing) that there is just so much info to devour, that some may struggle to keep things in order.  Quality wise, it looks great, lots of color, lots of art, good paper quality, etc.

Next up are the tokens. player boards, and game boards.  Both seem to be pretty high quality board game material.  There are a lot of tokens, and while I have only punched about 1/2 of them at the time writing this, I have yet to encounter a single instance of tearing or separation of art and cardboard that can sometimes happen with other the components of other games.  Basically, the tokens are so well cut, that they can sometimes fall off with the slightest of touch!  The player boards are also colorful, and smooth, and again, that same high quality board material.  Likewise, the game boards are also nicely printed, in the same high quality material, featuring the same smooth finish.  They come in 3 different sizes/shapes, to build the map/corridors, and are also double sided and feature some indoor/outdoor areas.

Next up are the dice and card components.  The dice themselves are your basic, gamer style/quality dice.  Not much to say or cover with these.

Cards wise, there are lots of cards, from hero cards, to monsters, darkness, and item cards.  Size wise,  they seem to be a mix of standard and small board game sized.  I do not have access to the smaller sized card sleeves, but the larger ones do fit in the standard ccg sleeves, though the gap at the top, between the card and opening of the sleeve, does seem slightly larger than when a regular ccg card (magic, netrunner, etc) is used.  It is nothing that should affect playability.  Material wise, they felt a bit light, but I'd say they are on par with the card material used in other board games and FFG's living card games, which again should have no effect on wear and playability, especially if sleeved.

Which brings us to the miniatures!  Let's begin with the monsters...

There are essentially two types included, orcs/goblins and the arachnid type crawlers.  There are different weapon load outs, and sizes for the regular minions, the mini bosses, and the regular bosses.  The crawlers can be differentiated by the size of their little claws, and subsequent paint schemes.  I was surprised to find them all as single piece models, and already glued into their slotted bases.  Material wise, they remind a lot of privateer press' plastic materials, and of course, there are some mold lines that will need to be taken care of if you plan to paint them. Also, my copy did arrive with 3 broken models.  One crawler had come off its base, another's face had separated, and finally one of the scorpion's legs had broken off, all of which is easily repairable with a touch of glue!  Detail wise, they seem pretty good, though a bit cartoonish, which is representative of the overall art style.

The heroes are of similar material to the monsters, but are a light shade to differentiate them from the baddies for those that don't plan to paint them.  Again, good details, and again, perhaps a bit on the cartoonish side to match the art style.  As with the monsters, there are some mold lines to take care of, and some very slight weapon bending, easily taken care of using the "water trick".

Which brings us to our conclusion, the empty box!  Here's a view of the insert that came with the game, with plenty of room for all the components, once fully bagged.  If you are not planning to paint your minis, then they too could easily be bagged and thrown back in with plenty of room.  For those of us planning to paint our models, I would love to have battlefoam make one of their inserts that hold all the components, including the minis, right in the original box, and since battlefoam has worked with MERCS in the past, I wouldn't be surprised to see one in the future.

And there you have it!  All in all, I'd say I'm pretty pleased with overall quality.  It is on par, or better (components wise) than a lot of what is in my current collection.  I'm really looking forward to diving into the rules and painting the miniatures, and am eager to see what some of the future releases have in store for Myth.  After a few games, I may sit down and write quick review of the overall gameplay just to round out this review.

Until then, keep the darkness at bay...

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