Monday, May 19, 2014

This Geek's Week...

What could be more epic than Sajan punching a T-Rex in the face?!?

RIP old friend.  Made it 1/2 way through deck #5.
- Ran Sajan through a few of the scenarios from the Pathfinder ACG deck #5.  First was, "Underneath Sandpoint", followed by the "Rimeskull" scenario, which almost did Sajan in!  It came down to the wire, as the 7 stone heads created a situation of attrition, both with Sajan's health and the blessing deck.  By the time I faced the boss, I was down to my last handful of cards, and I would not be able to survive more than a single failed combat.  I got lucky, and managed to bring down the dragon.  Then Sajan breezed through the "Halls of Seduction" scenario, however Sajan would not make it out of the "Thassilonian Sins" scenario and the "Festering Maze of Sloth" alive!  Bummer, Sajan lived such a long life, but the Maze of Sloth's "no more than 1 card per check" coupled with the villain's 25 combat check just did him in, as he couldn't rely on playing multiple blessings.  Bummer.  Guess I gotta focus on a new character now! =(

- Worked some more on my MYTH minis.  I tried to play a game of MYTH, only to realize I truly didn't know what I was doing, and stopped after a few rounds...

- Conducted another trade on BGG. I traded my Netrunner stuff and Pocket Battles for a copy of Panzer General: Allied Assault + Russian expansion, as well as another LoTR LCG core box.  (If all goes well)

- Worked on my 509th Paras for my US FoW stuff.  I'm taking it slow with my 2nd FoW army, as I have been unable to get in any FoW games yet...

- Finished reading the Wild West Exodus novel: Honor Among Outlaws by Craig Gallant.  Started reading the Pathfinder Tales novel: Queen of Thorns by Dave Gross.

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