Sunday, April 27, 2014

FoW Late War US Rangers list...

Rangers Lead The Way!

Finally got around to picking up the latest Italy books for Flames of War, checking updated points costs for my LW German lists, lucking out by only needing to add two 8-rads, as well as finally being able to figure up a US list to oppose my Germans.  After reading a book about Anzio, the Rangers sounded completely bad @$$, while still having a sad, interesting story.  As with my Hermann Göring stuff, I've been doing a bit a research on the rangers, with the overall goal being a fairly historically accurate list.

I settled upon a 6615th Ranger Force, comprising of the Ranger Battalions, 509th Paratroopers, and the 83rd Chemical Mortars.  I've decided to model the army around the Battle of Cisterna, which pit them against the HG Division, and saw the tragic demise of the 1st and 3rd Rangers.  Here's the list I've come up with:

Late War, 1750 Pts
HQ- SMG, 1x Sniper

1st Ranger Platoon (single)
1st Ranger Platoon (single)
1st Ranger Platoon (single)
1st Ranger Platoon (single)

4x Ranger Cannon M3 GMC

83rd Chemical Mortars (2x)

509th Paratroopers- Bazooka

601st Tank Destroyers- 4x M10's

Just love that insignia!
A couple of notes:  I still have yet to play my first game, so the list could completely blow, but I feel it is somewhat accurate.  The Ranger list does not have access to any kinds of recon units, a flaw they faced in the actual battle at Cisterna as well.  It has the pieces for the 6615th: the Rangers, the Paras, the Chemical Mortars.  I've also included the GMCs, known as Darby's Aces-in-the-hole.  I've also read that the plan was to use "Darby's Aces" along with the 601st Tank Destroyers as some much needed anti-tank back up, and I'm happy to get to play around the Tank Destroyers, their insignia has to be one of my favorites in the US military.

There you have it, that is the list I'll be moving forward with for US Rangers in FoW.  What do you guys think?  Of course I'm merely looking for casual play with my lists, pitting this one against my HG list, more often than not...

Rangers Lead the Way!!!

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