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Sunday, April 6, 2014

This Geek's Week...

- Working some more on my FoW stuff.  I've finished two of the Panzer IV's, and am putting the finishing touches on another.  I also ordered the decals I've been desperately needing, along with recovery vehicle I needed.  All in all, I have about 4 tanks left to paint and I'll have my first fully painted FoW army...

- Been playing a ton of War Thunder (as always).  I've trying to play more RB, as I much prefer the Nation vs Nation style, and while I have a harder time controlling my plane, I like how the flight models are a little more realistic.  Most of the time I have terrible games, sometimes I don't do all that bad, killing half the opposing team.  Honestly, if I can get 1 kill before dying each game I'm happy.

- Was in a bit of a "tank mood" so I tried some WoT, which instantly killed that mood!  I really dislike the WoT play style.  Nothing can get me out of a "tank mood" quicker than woT!  That game is just CRAP!  The best part of WoT is the shirts on jinx.

- I'm only 100 pages into my historical non-fiction book about Roman Generals, and man, it is soooo dry!  It's like: "General X had 3,000 infantry, 1,000 allied infantry, and 200 cavalry.  Opposing guy had X infantry, X number of cavalry.  They set up at location Y.  General X won."  Yes, there is a bit more to it than that, but you get the point.  I was expecting something a bit different, more background on the Generals themselves, more of how their victories shaped Rome itself.  Thus, I'm giving up on it.  Instead, I ordered "Queen of Thorns" and the first Wild West Exodus novel...

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