Sunday, April 27, 2014

This Geek's Week...

My finished Tiger 1 E, ready for fighting in Sicily!

- Bought some foam for my Battlefoam case.  Now my FoW stuff is all snug and cozy!  I also picked up the FoW Italy books and a bunch of new paints, mostly in the US colors so I can start to work on them.

- On the Flames of War side, I finished painting my Tiger 1 E.  I also started working on the 509th Paratrooper portion of my US 6615th Ranger force, based on the Battle at Cisterna.

- Played a few rounds of War Thunder.

- Downloaded and played a bit of Res Orchestra 2 on steam as it was free for 24 hours.  Pretty fun fps, though I'm pretty horrid at it!

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