Sunday, April 13, 2014

This Geek's Week...

-  Flames of War wise, I redid some of the decals on my StuGs and the Recce Vehicles.  I'm also working on my final Panzer IV Platoon.  So far I've got the base colors done, and I got the tracks done on 3 of the 4, which seems to be the most time consuming part.  After that it's down to the details, decals, and weathering.  My decals should arrive soon, so I'm thinking I'll have the army finished shortly.  I've also put together a Tiger 1 E...

- Played a ton of War Thunder in Realistic Battles.  I'm torn on it though.

- Played a bunch of WoT.  Shockingly, I've had some decent games, and I'm not too horrible in a Panzer III.

- Played some Hearthstone.

- Started reading the Wild West Exodus novel, "Honor Among Outlaws" by Craig Gallant.

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