Sunday, December 29, 2013

This Geek's Week..

The REAL reason I fly Imperial...

- Worked some more on my Flames of War Germans (LW).  I've got to add the decals and do a bit of weathering to the leader of my 1st Panzer IV platoon, then he should be all finished!

- Played some Skyrim with my Ka'Po'Tun proxy-dragonkinght character.  I really enjoy playing him thus far, and I think he'll carry over into ESO pretty well.

- Played some War Thunder.  They've done a "christmas challenge", with the prize being 1 of 2 planes.  So far I have managed to complete all the tasks thus far.  Some were a bit tough, taking quite a bit of time (the "kill 10 German planes, when no one was playing germans because of it), others were insanely easy, completing themselves in 1 or 2 games. (Like shoot down 10 planes while flying Italian planes, or bomb 10 ground targets.  Easy.)

- One of the priests at my church is also an avid gamer, and invited me over to the Rectory for some games.  We played a game of Summoner Wars, followed by me teaching him X-Wing.  We played a quick intro game, followed by a 75 pt game.  I played 3 of the 181st Interceptors vs an X-wing, Y-wing, and A-wing.  It started out rough for me, 2 of my interceptors got within a single damage from dying within the opening turns.  He nabbed one, but afterwards I started dodging heavily.  I took out the x-wing, then heavily damaged the Y-wing before the A-wing took out my 2nd interceptor.  Then it came down to an untouched Fel vs an untouched A-wing.  They danced around for a bit, lots of dodging before Fel swooped him and blew him out of the sky with a massive range 1 attack.  He really liked the game, and it sounded like afterwards he went out and bought 3 starter sets!  

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