Sunday, December 22, 2013

This Geek's Week...

- Been playing a bunch of world of tanks, and I really do not know why.  I'm starting to feel like I really not... like it.  Not entirely sure why either, just something with the overall gameplay doesn't sit well with me.  That, and all the prototype, blueprint only, experimental tanks that you are required to progress to something you actually WANT to drive.

- Ran Sajan through the final scenario from the 2nd adventure deck, "Angel in the Tower", and once again, it was super easy.  I started at the clock tower, cleared that.  Then, took a breather at the temple.  Finally, I went to the Shrine to Lamashtu (which must have secretly been beneath the temple) for the final confrontation.  With plenty of cards left in the blessing deck, I took my time.  At one point, I had my hand all full of junk that I had picked up at the temple, and used an early fight to clear my hand, letting me redraw into a bunch of blessings.  I took a few hits from encountering blessings, but was able shrug most of that off by gaining the encountered blessings.  Once I found the Villain, I had a hand with 3 blessing in it.  I used one blessing to get past the first check, and then used my last 2 to get past the second check.  Easy-peasy, and  I took her mask as a trophy!

- So War Thunder dropped patch 1.37, and in general, most players are raging.  They rearranged and simplified the tiers, bringing 20 tiers worth of planes down into 5, and now people feel they are constantly outclassed, or that the matchmaking is screwed up.  It doesn't bother me really, I've got my bf 109's, so I'm happy.  Yes, I'm going up against planes that I normally would not have, but I'm having no issues dealing with it thus far.  I did however have to give up HB and go back to playing AB.  They also changed how planes are modifications are researched.  Again, a lot of people are raging, but meh, I'm fine with that too.  That said, I did encounter a pretty bad graphics issue.  I managed to figure out that it was a Dx11 issue, so I was able to roll it back to Dx9, which solved the problem.  I've been having a pretty good run lately on both my Germans and my US planes.

- Picked up the Summoner Wars Master set, along with the Phoenix Elves/Tundra Orcs box.

- Worked on painting some of my FoW PZ IV H tanks...

- Rolled up a new character in Skyrim.  Essentially I made a Skyrim version of the character I want to play in ESO.  The Dragonknight class in ESO is based off the martial arts forms from Akavir, and on that continent exists a race called the Ka'Po'Tun, the Dragon-Tigers, cousins to the Khajiit.  While I may not be able to represent a true Dragonknight in Skyrim,  I can still toy around with playing a Ka'Po'Tun (Khajiit), and a Ka'Po'Tun can fit into the role of a dragonborn.  It should be fun...

... and with that, I just want to wish a Merry Christmas to all my readers!  (and a happy New Year too!)


  1. Merry New Year and a happy Christmas to you as well. I've noticed the Warthunder tier issues. I've been getting slaughtered left and right. I lost 4 of my russians in a row to a single bursts of fire. The really annoying thing is that none of them were pilot kills they were all wing losses. I can understand it for a lightly built fighter taking hits from a big cannon but my IL-2 had it happen as well. It's just really annoying to be almost wiped out in the opening minutes of the engagment.

    1. Matt said he was having issues in WT too, but on my end I've been doing consistently better in AB since the new matchmaking. Not sure why, but something's working for me! I did however go from being consistently at the top of HB to being complete crap in HB after the patch, which is why I switched back to AB. Likewise, in AB before the patch I was consistently in the mid-low range, while after the patch I swapped to being consistently mid-high in match rankings. I'm wondering what all they tweaked, because brits and russians seem to be having a harder time than before, and I'm wondering if before the patch they were the ones that were under-tiered and outclassing everyone, and since the patch, now that the tiers are different they are brought more back into line. From the perspective of a German/US pilot, brits still out-turn all but the Japanese while packing plenty of punch, and the Russians still seem to pack their lasers. I will say this, in tier 3, bf 109 f-4's and the g-series, do pack 4x cannons at that level which tend to shred things if the opposing pilot isn't able to evade. I couldn't tell you what the Focke wulf 109's pack, as I'll probably never fly one due to being a JG 53/bf 109 fan...

      Anyway, that is just my thoughts on it...

    2. I played some more yesterday and I think I finally noticed the problem. P-39s everywhere. I had one match yesterday where there were only two people on the other team who were not flying a P-39 at the start. It is amazing to me that a fighter that was considered a failed design with a giant cannon that had two low of a rate of fire and too low muzzle velocity to be useful in a dogfight has taken over war thunder as the best dogfighter.

    3. Sounds like an Arcade Battle issue then. AB tends create these wonky situations due to the lack of physics, where as in Realistic Battles and Full Realistic flaws in specific planes tend to actually play into things. IF something can't turn, lacks the firepower, etc it will get noticed in RB and FRB. All that said, the P-39 has always been pretty mean in AB but they are beatable...