Saturday, December 14, 2013

This Geek's Week...

This is my new mascot...

- Played a bunch of War Thunder, as usual.  Mostly I've been playing Historic Battles, but I've played a round or two of Arcade as well.  I much prefer the physics of HB, and the differences in planes that it creates.  Arcade lacks a lot the physics, making planes fly a bit oddly, and giving an advantage to turn fighters, and a bit of a disadvantage to BnZ/Energy fighters.  BUT, Arcade does let you repsawn, and games are much quicker.  While I do not feel that I'm  all that good at the game, I do routinely sit among the top 3 in HB, while I'm often mid or low in AB, which is odd, as HB is supposed to be harder.

- Ran Sajan through "The Cult Exposed" scenario, with the help of my 3 yr old daughter.  (She picked the locations to explore, flipped the blessing deck, and rolled all the dice)  It was extremely easy to play solo, and I encountered pretty much zero resistance.  I stick by my original opinion that Sajan may be TOO GOOD, especially solo.  I'll keep running him through the rest of the second adventure deck, and once complete, I'll probably start an "alt character".

- My daughter decided she wanted to play X-Wing, so who am I to say no?  She decided she wanted to play as Luke Skywalker, so I played as Fel since he was similar in points.  I chose all my maneuvers first, then I let her choose her own moves, with only the slightest bit of coaching, so that I made sure she was able to at least return fire.  It started out, I took off a shield, she put a damage onto me.  Then, we circled about, I rolled for damage in range band 1, getting all hits, while she rolled blanks.  Needless to say, that was unexpected!  I expected to be slugging it out, with Luke having the advantage due to shields.  She wanted to play again, but this time wanted to use Han solo in the Falcon, while I chose Boba Fett.  I figured this would work out better for her anyway, due to the 360 firing, she was free to move however she liked.  We traded a few shots, but she lost interest part way through, and we never finished.  Oh well, she is only 3 after all...

- Played a few rounds of World of Tanks.  As usual, dominating in my tier 2 Panzer II, but getting rolled in anything tier 3 due to matchmaking.

- Worked a bit on my flames of War Italian infantry platoons, Panzer IV H's, and a unit of Panzer III's, although I doubt I'll ever use the III's. (or any of my FoW stuff for that matter)

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