Sunday, September 22, 2013

This Geek's Week...

This week has been all about the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, although I mixed in a few other things like Dreadball as well...

- Played my 1st game of Dreadball, and my Corp team, the Techno-Wizards, eeked out their 1st win against the Orcs.  The game went back and forth, lots of scoring, lots of counter scoring.  At one point, the Orcs must have gotten pretty angry at all my strikers ruining the Orc lead by scoring, as at one point they proceeded to beat down my team, leaving me just 2 players on the pitch!  One of my jacks though valiantly defended one of my strikers, successfully counter-slamming 2 Orcs to the ground, only to eventually be taken out by a third.  In the end, I won rather cheaply.  With 2 turns left, one of my strikers snatched up the ball, and ran towards to back of field, the other two guys I currently had on the pitch, proceeded to bench the goblins on the field, including a few fouls, to try and make sure the Orc team couldn't score in the final round(s) while I was up 1-0.

- Played 2 games of Dungeon Roll.  It was an ok game imo.

- Convinced my non-gamer wife to give Krosmaster: Arena a try with me.  Instead of alternating choices, I let her pick her 4 characters, and I took the rest.  At first, there was a bit of a back-and-forth type of gameplay.  She eventually got the upper hand in the game.  It's funny, because almost every time I convince her to play one of my games; she usually ends up winning!  All in all, the game is a lot of fun, and will only get better once I'm able to pick up some additional figures.

- Played a solo game of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, using Sajan, the monk in the "Brigandoom!" scenario.  I ran into a few hiccups in the woods, but got lucky and managed to close it.  Followed that up being able to get through the farmhouse pretty quickly, but I only had a few cards left in my deck.  Luckily, the Villain was the top card on the final location.  I had a handful of blessings in my hand, and since I was able to use more than 1 in a single roll, the villain was pretty easy to take down.  In fact, that was something I noticed about the monk in general, given that the only recharging I was doing was with the blessings, once my deck got really low, I always seemed to have a handful of blessings, which I then could throw several at any given combat check.

- Played a few more games of Pathfinder with my Monk character.  I breezed through the second scenario with all the poison traps.  I also made it through the 3rd scenario,  Black Fang's Keep, fairly easily.  However, in that game the Dragon was able to evade me once, but when I encountered him the 2nd time, I had a handful of blessings, so I was able to roll 3d10 against a combat check of 12.  I think after completing the scenarios in the base box set, I think I'm going to start on the Rise of the Runelords adventure #1 next.  Let's see if Sajan can continue his ongoing mission, or will the blessing of the gods finally desert him...

- Painted the exhaust glow on my Lambda class shuttle for X-Wing.

- Played the "Attack on Standpoint", the first scenario in the "Burnt Offerings" adventure, and it was a close one!  I encountered the Villain, "Ripnugget & Stickfoot" at the city gates, but he escaped.  I chased him to the town square, but he got away.  Closing the town square, I moved on to the festival area, encountered the Villain there, and yet again he escaped!  I closed down that area, and proceeded back to the front gates, where I finally encountered and defeated him with just 2 cards remaining in the blessing deck.  Talk about a close one!

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