Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dreadball Team Spotlight: The Techno-Wizards!

League: MLD (Major League Dreadball)

Corp Sponsor: Cerner Bio-tech Medical

Head Coach: Veter Permes

Notable Players: Zeus, Failheiber, Beastler, Sahd, Jimmy

New uniforms, fresh off the assembly line!
Since their recent sponsorship and re-branding, the Techno-Wizards have consistently done well during their regular season play, but typically end up falling short during playoffs.  The Techno-Wizards play in one of the finest dreadball stadiums ever built in the MLD, and their fans are known to be some of the most intense and vocal in the entire league, making CBM Park a difficult stadium for the away side to play in.  This season, Head Coach Veter Permes, seems to be comfortable enough with the Techno-Wizards' current standings in the eastern division to start experimenting with different lineups, trading away some of the more experienced players, and giving some of the young newcomers their shot on the pitch.  Clearly, the opposing teams must have head the Techno-Wizards' veterans thoroughly scouted and picked apart, because the young newcomers have proved to be an "ace in the hole" for Veter Permes, and taken  the opposing teams completely by surprise thus far.  The question remains however, is this younger looking Techno-Wizards team enough to make a serious grab for the cup, or will the tension of the playoff season get the better of them yet again?  With the well known motto of "I Believe..." firmly placed in the fans' minds, everyone remains hopeful that this season will be the one that sees the Techno-Wizards go all the way!

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